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New Year’s Eve 2017 in London & Hertfordshire

New Year’s Eve is a great time to let your hair down with your friends. Wherever you are, there’ll always be something going on, but many people choose to gravitate to London for the festivities. If you’re planning to do that, why not book a night or two in one of our North London/South Hertfordshire … Continued

Why you should pack a book for your next business trip

It doesn’t matter how busy you are at work, or how many episodes of Game of Thrones you’ve got to catch up on, you should always make space in your life to read more books. And that’s not the sort of advice that blows in on the wind from publishers, librarians or teachers; there are … Continued

How to manage your business travel stress

We all know the pressure that comes when you’re put on the spot and expected to say something brilliant or insightful… but your mind goes blank. Well, we can blame it on evolutionary psychology – humans have evolved to be instantly ready for ‘fight or flight’ in stressful situations, and part of that process shuts … Continued

Are you afraid to eat out alone?

A recent study discovered that 52% of business travellers are embarrassed to eat out when they’re on their own. Researchers in America have studied the reluctance of people generally to do things on their own, such as eat out alone, visit museums or go to the cinema or theatre. They conducted an experiment in which … Continued

Ways of maintaining resilience and well-being on business trips

If you do a lot of travelling on business, the likelihood is that at some point, your hypermobile lifestyle is going to cause problems for you. Numerous studies have discovered that frequent travel brings with it physiological, psychological and emotional issues, with all the social consequences this brings. The jet lag caused by frequent flying … Continued

Where do people stay when they are on business trips?

The popularity of serviced apartments is booming. At the recent Serviced Apartment Summit Europe, it was reported that more people are staying in hotel apartments while on business trips, and more than half of their stays are fewer than 10 nights. Only a few years ago, serviced apartments were aimed almost exclusively at the extended-stay … Continued

Where do business travellers go on holiday?

One of the comments that frequent business travellers get fed up of hearing at parties is from people who believe that the fact that they travel so much means their job must be exciting. Most business travel involves going from one office building to another for meetings and staying in hotels just long enough to … Continued

Keep fit whilst travelling on business

When you’re travelling away on business, it’s so easy to allow your exercise regime to slip. The unfamiliar surroundings, travelling times, preparation for meetings and the break in routine push all thoughts of a trip to the gym out of your mind. But if you’re away for more than a couple of days, you will … Continued

CPD courses in London

CPD Courses (Continuing professional development courses) are a way of making sure you keep your skills and knowledge up-to-date. Indeed, many professional bodies make evidence of CPD a requirement for continued membership, and this has led to many trainers seeking accreditation from the CPD Certification Service. Accreditation from the body proves courses, seminars and workshops … Continued

Shared Office Spaces in North London

Shared office spaces, also called co-working spaces, have taken the world by storm. Mainly set up to give freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses a professional workspace away from the distractions of home, they make great ‘office away from office’ working spaces for businesspeople on the move. In the UK, hundreds of shared office spaces have … Continued

Entertaining clients without paying London prices

If you’re staying in one of our North London serviced apartments whilst on business, you will probably want to entertain your clients at some point. Entertaining clients is expensive, these days, your expense account may not stretch to Central London prices, but you don’t have to go into the capital in order to go to … Continued

How to eat well when travelling on business

If you travel regularly for business, you will be more than well aware of the challenges of eating regular, healthy meals. It is so easy to grab high calorie treats, junk food or simply book into restaurants for every meal. So, here’s a few tips to keep you on track with your eating habits,next time … Continued

Top luxury car hire 2017

Are you visiting London on business and want to make a really good impression on your clients? Leave the hatchback at home and treat yourself to a luxury car hire. If you’re flying into the capital, you’ll have the pick of the car rental companies at all of the London airports, and there are different … Continued

Best apps for business travellers on the go

Discover some of the best apps for business travellers on the go, which will make their life, and yours, a lot easier. There are apps that claim to help you with your expenses, mileage, documentation, tax and self-assessment, banking, travel, car hire, social media, webinars, business card scanner… the list is endless! We’ve taken a … Continued