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Best apps for business travellers on the go

Discover some of the best apps for business travellers on the go, which will make their life, and yours, a lot easier.

There are apps that claim to help you with your expenses, mileage, documentation, tax and self-assessment, banking, travel, car hire, social media, webinars, business card scanner… the list is endless!

We’ve taken a closer look at some of the more interesting sounding ones, in the hope that one or more may prove to be useful for your business.

Keeping the team together

Slack is an app that allows everyone working together on a project to share information and documentation so everyone has everything to hand at all times. The team can also use the app to make calls to each other. It seems to be especially useful for teams working from different locations, so if you’re doing a lot of business travel, it should help you stay in the loop.

Never forget

With the organisational app Evernote, you can jot down ideas and lists, or save photos or drawings. It’s accessible from many devices and you can choose to share your notes with colleagues or friends.

Currency exchange

If you’re looking for “cheap and fair” exchange rates and fees, the WeSwap app allows you to “swap”currencies with other travellers onto your WeSwap debit card. You can also benefit from better rates if you’re prepared to wait for your “swap” to take place. So it doesn’t matter if you’re using pounds, euros, dollars or yens, you can swap between currencies and use the same card for payments and at cash machines around the world.

Keeping on top of your expenses

Business trips will inevitably involve pockets full of receipts that you have to remember to take back to the office. Most people find doing their expenses a tedious process which tends to get left until the last minute, or until there are so many receipts lying around, they get fed up and submit them all in one go… which could result in your company having to make large payments when they’re least expecting it. By scanning receipts onto the Expensify app, you can organise your expenses so they can then be dealt with swiftly, efficiently and without the pain.

If you see something you want to look at later, pocket it

Pocket is an app you can use across all your devices. It basically works as a place to put interesting things you find online that you either don’t have time to look at there and then, or you’d like to keep for later.

The best apps for business travellers on the go can help you maximise your unproductive time while waiting for your airport transfer but also get better value for money while carrying on with your business travels.

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