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Bleisure, a new way to mix Business and Leisure

There has been a recent trend to create portmanteau words, some of which creep into everyday usage. Examples of ones we use all the time are Brexit, labradoodle, docudrama, infomercial and alcopop. The latest portmanteau word is, sadly, rather an ugly one: ‘bleisure’, a combination of business and leisure; or alternatively, people are using ‘bleasure’, a combination of business and pleasure.

More travelling, less time with the family

Despite the rise in technologies such as Skype, business people are actually travelling more than ever. Back in 2012, research showed that more than half the British workforce was travelling for work, and making more trips than ever before. As a result, 82% of business travellers felt their personal relationships had suffered as a result of the amount of time they spent away. They were, therefore, looking for ways of ensuring they saw more of their families, and a third of them were inviting partners and families to come with them on business trips in order to enjoy both a mini-break and spend quality time together.

A more recent Bleisure Report highlighted the keenness for making the most of a business trip. The majority of business travellers use the opportunity of having spare time whilst they’re away to sightsee, eat out and visit cultural attractions. More than half will take their partner or family with them and use the opportunity as a way of seeing more of the world and learning about different cultures. The majority think that having the opportunity to spend time exploring the places they travel to also helps them become better employees.

The perfect place for ‘bleisure’

The concept of ‘bleisure’ is very appropriate in the context of serviced apartments. For business people wanting to spend as much time as possible with their families whilst on their travels – or just make the most of being in a place with a lot to offer in terms of entertainment and tourism – the combination of space, privacy and cost-effectiveness is too good to resist! As the cost of an entire family apartment is favourably comparable to a single 3* hotel room, it’s never been cheaper to combine business with both leisure and pleasure!

If you’re planning a ‘bleisurable’ trip to the capital, check out our North London serviced apartments which are big enough for the whole family to join you!

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7 Oct 2016

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