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Why Business Travellers need Luxury Serviced Apartments

If you are organising accommodation for staff members who need to be away on business for more than a week or so, it can be a delicate balance between finding comfortable accommodation that will suit your employees and a budget-friendly option that will suit your company. Business travellers and your staff deserve luxury serviced apartments as a reward for all their hard work. Your Apartment offer business travellers luxury serviced apartments at a price the company accountant will love:

Accommodation costs

Your company will obviously be looking for accommodation that offers the best value for money, especially if there are a number of staff members that need putting up. The advantage of serviced apartments is that, for approximately the same cost of one hotel room, you can accommodate two or three people, each of whom will have their own bedroom in addition to a shared living area.


People who need to live away from home for weeks at a time prefer the convenience of a serviced apartment – it means they will not be confined to just one room, and they can cook for themselves, take care of their own laundry and suit themselves as to when to get up for breakfast. If they are travelling alone, they may feel more comfortable in an apartment rather than asking for a table for one in a restaurant or getting room service and having to balance a plate on their lap as they sit on the bed.

Lower living expenses

When staying in a hotel, it’s likely that your staff member would have to eat out for every meal. This will not just weigh heavily on their stomachs (not to mention the bathroom scales), it will also be damaging to your expense account. Putting your staff up in luxury serviced apartments has two main advantages that benefit both your company and employees. When they cook for themselves, your staff members will be shopping for ingredients in a regular supermarket which will work out a lot cheaper for you and healthier for them. Your company will also save money on expensive hotel laundry bills – a washing machine is a standard fixture in serviced apartments, and people are usually happy to take care of all their own laundry, especially as there’ll be less chance of items of clothing disappearing without trace*.


So we can see that business travellers do deserve luxury serviced apartments. And by booking with Your Apartment, your company will save money. While your staff will enjoy a more comfortable ‘home away from home’ when on business. Now that’s what we call a win-win situation…

*NB Normal sock rules apply…

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