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Why corporate travellers prefer serviced apartments

Mid-range hotels are very familiar to corporate travellers, but can induce what the New York Times has called “hotel gloom, an amorphous melancholy that seems to thrive in the perfectly serviceable hotel rooms of the $200-a-night-and-under variety”.

The article explains this feeling as a kind of adult homesickness, where sitting in a small, featureless hotel bedroom brings on a feeling of loneliness and disconnectedness.

In fact, business travellers prefer serviced apartments after having spent a lot of time in their anonymous rooms contributing to forums about what they hate most about staying in a hotel room. We’ve put together some of the most popular peeves.

Slow WiFi – this seems to crop up a lot, as does having to spend big money even for the privilege of internet access. In our serviced apartments, unlimited WiFi comes as standard.

Power sockets – the lack of power sockets, or the difficulty reaching the ones that are there, annoy many business travellers. These days when we all have phones and laptops to charge up, we need as many sockets as we can get! Our serviced apartments have enough plug points for all your devices.

Tiny rooms – small bedrooms and tiny bathrooms can be quite depressing. Alternatively, you could rent an entire serviced apartment that not only has more space but also has a separate bedroom.

Room service delays – you’re tired and hungry and just want to eat something quickly. Room service hasn’t got what you’d really like, but you order something anyway, then wait, and wait, and wait for it to turn up. In the meantime, you’ve eaten all the overpriced snacks from the mini-bar which are not only bad for your diet, they’re terrible for your expense account! In a serviced apartment, you can prepare your own food in a fully equipped kitchen so you have the freedom to eat what you want when you want it.

Mini-bar – the most expensive wine/chocolate/water in the world! Far better to have your own grown-up sized fridge and fill it with your own goodies without bankrupting your company.

Parking fees – not many hotels in large towns and cities have dedicated parking, so you end up paying massive parking fees, either in the hotel car park or a public car park. With any of our serviced apartments, you’ll have a dedicated parking space that won’t cost you a penny!

If you want to enjoy the kind of home away from home experience offered with one of our serviced apartments, click here to find out more about our North London accommodation and to check availability.


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