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Tips when there is a delay in moving home

Imagine this scenario: you’ve bought a new house that’s so new, the developers haven’t quite finished building it yet. They keep telling you it’ll be ready ‘any day now’, but that’s been going on for a while. The people who’ve bought your current home have previously been very understanding, but things have dragged on so long, they’re threatening to pull out if you don’t get things sorted soon.

Rather than risk losing your house sale and having to start the process of looking for a buyer again – with the possibility of ending up paying for two properties for a while until the developer hands over the keys – you decide to rent somewhere to live for a while. But you don’t want to commit yourself to a rental property for a minimum of three months in case you then have the chance to complete on your new property the day after you sign the contract.

What do you do?

Our tips for when there is a delay in moving home start with moving your possessions into storage and rent a serviced apartment for a while. It’ll give you the flexibility of staying in a hotel, but allow you to live ‘normally’ – with a fully fitted kitchen in which to make your own meals without spending a fortune eating out (not to mention the adverse effects on your waistline of constant hotel breakfasts and restaurant meals!). You’ll also have a washing machine enabling you to do your laundry in the comfort of your own place, without the hassle of finding the nearest launderette and then paying for the privilege of washing your dirty linen in public!  

Serviced apartments allow you to continue living your life as normally as possible – everyone will get the privacy of a bedroom and there’s also a family room where you can talk, eat and watch TV. All for the same cost as one mid-range hotel room.

And when your new home is finally ready, you can move in straight away because with a serviced apartment you only have to pay for the number of nights you spend there. So it gives you the best of both worlds – the flexibility of a hotel and the normality of a home.

If you’re moving to Watford, Elstree or Finchley and need a serviced apartment to stay in, click here to see our apartments. All have their own dedicated parking space included in the price, and all are within easy walking distance of shops and restaurants.

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