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Five Essential things for any business traveller to pack for their trip

These days, any business traveller is able to get from one place to another with a very small amount of luggage. The advent of the Cloud now means business travellers don’t have to pack their cases with lots of paper and computer paraphernalia. They don’t even have to remember to bring their presentations on USB sticks – they can simply log on to WiFi and get the same access to electronically-stored files as they do when they’re physically sitting in their office.

So unless you need brochures or sample products to hand out on your trip, you probably only need a lightweight laptop and your phone. And their chargers of course. But even then, you can save precious space in your suitcase by only bringing one USB charger plug – you just have to make sure you have enough battery power left in one device whilst you charge up the other.

1. An External Hard Drive

After the UK put a ban on laptops and other electronic devices on certain flights, an external hard drive could be the perfect solution to securely transferring any necessary documents for work. Not only are they portable, but they’re durable and give you the choice to plug into any device, no matter which office you’re working from. There’s a whole range to choose from on Amazon, all for around £50.

2. Don’t Overpack on Clothing

By carrying less business-related luggage, you’ll be left with a lot more space for personal items, even if you’re only using a carry-on size suitcase (if you’re flying, check with the airline to make sure your case is the right size to be used as hand luggage).

However you fold your clothes, make sure you place your heavy items (toiletries, shoes etc) so they’re at the bottom of your case when it’s standing up, giving your clothes an even greater chance of reaching their destination uncreased.

Like most people, you don’t want to go to the extent of carrying a travel iron in your suitcase. That’s why all of our serviced apartments supply an iron and ironing board as standard, and most will also have a washing machine.

3. Use A Small but Compact Bag

When you’re travelling for business, you don’t have the time to dash to and from your hotel because your bag is too large to bring with you. Make sure you pack a bag which is large enough to carry all of your essentials, but small enough that you can take it to a meeting or a conference and not have to worry about it looking unprofessional. After all, things like your shower gel will be catered for in your accommodation so there’s just no need to overpack.

4. Don’t Forget Your Tickets (or e-tickets!)

Travelling will usually involve buying some kind of ticket, whether it’s for your air or rail travel. Although tickets take up minimal room, it’s always a pain to keep tabs on them to ensure you don’t lose them. The majority of travel companies now have apps you can download. With the tickets stored on your phone, you’ll never have to frantically search your bags and pockets for those precious bits of card and paper. And you can also buy your next ticket at the click of a button – if there’s a long queue at the station ticket office, you can breeze straight past it!

Car parks have also started producing apps which mean an end to having to forage for the right change. The app will also send you a message when your time is about to expire and give you the option to top it up, so you won’t have to dash out in the middle of a meeting to feed the meter ever again!

5. Surround-Sound Headphones

Whether you’re on the train heading into London or flying in from another country, a good pair of headphones can really help to block out the drumming sound of the engine or the mumbling sound of other passengers. As a business traveller, your needs change, so when you’re trying to add the finishing touches to your presentation, or just trying to get some well-needed sleep, you can do so undisturbed.

If you’re a frequent business traveller to London, probably the most useful thing you can pack is your booking confirmation for your stay at a Your Apartment serviced apartment. You’ll enjoy all the comforts and amenities of home, along with more space and privacy than even the best hotels can offer.

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