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For the well travelled Millennial

Travel is one of the best things to do. It doesn’t matter if you call yourself a Millennial or Generation Y, or just a young person, it’s fun to go to new places, have new experiences and see the world from a different angle.

When you’re on the move, staying in hotels is great, but sometimes you just want to flop on a sofa with a home cooked meal (does pizza count as ‘home cooked’?) and chill in your own space. Even if you’re hundreds, or thousands, of miles away from home, this is still possible by staying in a serviced apartment.

A serviced apartment gives you the flexibility of a hotel but provides all the advantages of your own home, e.g. separate bedroom, a fully equipped kitchen, dining table etc. You’ve also got the advantage of not having to worry about room service charges (or drinking smuggled wine out of tooth mugs), and there’s no set breakfast time to have to get up for! If there’s a group of you, it’ll also work out a lot cheaper than having to book more than one hotel room – enabling you to bask in a luxury serviced apartment and still save money.

London is obviously a magnet for travellers, but central London is a hugely expensive area to live in. However, there are some really bustling areas with characters of their own in North London, which is why we have our luxury apartments there.

Staying at one of our serviced apartments means you can enjoy all the liveliness, entertainment, restaurants, shops, cinemas and facilities of the area within walking distance, but with the added bonus of being a short hop by public transport away from all the excitement the capital has to offer. Staying with us will give you the best of both worlds in so many ways – flexibility, location, price, amenities, freedom…

If you’re planning to stay in one location for a period of time, especially if you’re working your way around the world, then it makes a perfect base. Plus, we give discounts for longer stays. The alternative would be renting a flat or a room in a shared house for a few months. Whilst this is all very well, remember that you’ll have a lot of bills to pay on top of the rent – utilities, Council Tax, TV licence, and WiFi. These are all included in our rates which makes it a lot easier to balance the budget, and there are no horrible surprises you hadn’t anticipated!

Then there’ll be the question of the cleaning rota (and subsequent arguments cleaning usually provokes in shared houses). And you’d probably have to buy your own sheets and towels.

And if you decide you want to up sticks before your lettings contract’s up, you might still have to pay the rent on time you’re no longer living there. With a serviced apartment, you simply check out. As simple as that!

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Watford, Highgate, Finchley or Borehamwood, have a look at our luxury serviced apartments and make the most of your time in North London.

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