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What to do when there is a gap between house moving dates

House moving isn’t a precise science. Sometimes even the best estate agents simply can’t make the dates add up when you move house, or there may be times when you absolutely have to leave your old home before your new one is ready. There’s no cause to panic, a short break in your home move doesn’t mean you have to rent another house in the interim. The problem with short-term lets is that if you’re ready to move out before your contract has ended, you could end up paying rent for longer than you need to. In our experience, when there’s a gap between house moving dates, a serviced apartment is the perfect solution.

The main advantage of a serviced apartment is that you can stay for as long or a short a time as you need to – most serviced apartments will have a minimum stay, but that’s generally only around 3 to 5 nights. After that, it’s up to you – as soon as you’re ready to leave, you check out.

If your house moving gap is only a few days, you could stay in a local hotel. Whilst this would be a comfortable solution, if you have a family, hiring hotel rooms just isn’t the same as being in a home. You’ll also have the additional expense of having to eat out… every meal!

In a serviced apartment, you’ll have a fully equipped kitchen, a shared space to be used as a living room and enough bedrooms for everyone. Family life can carry on as normal which is a lot less disruptive. And with everything supplied, you won’t have to think about what to hold back when you’re packing – all your belongings (including all your unwanted clutter, which has scarily been estimated to be worth £4,000!) can stay safely in storage until you’re ready to move into your new home.


If you’re relocating to a new town, you may want to start working and living there before committing yourself to buy a house, as buying a house does entail a series of important steps. Or you may have to start your new job before the rest of the family is ready to follow.

There again, a serviced apartment will provide the best of both worlds, providing a temporary home before the real house moving can begin. You’ll have enough time to get used to your new town and ask your colleagues about the best areas and schools etc. And in a serviced apartment, the family can join you at weekends, at no extra expense, meaning you can all get used to the new location together.


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