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Relocating to a completely new hometown can be one of the most difficult life changes. If you are moving a long way away, and especially if you’re moving to somewhere where you don’t know anyone, it’s possible to end up buying a property in the wrong place in your haste to find somewhere to move to in time.

If companies are relocating staff members, they may be willing to pay for hotel rooms in the transition period. Whilst this solves the problem of accommodation during the working week, it makes it difficult and expensive for individual families to visit at weekends to explore their new hometown and make arrangements for the big move.

Making a smooth transition

When relocating, some families like to live somewhere for a while before they make up their mind where they want to put down permanent roots. It gives them a feel for the area without committing to it, as well as freeing them up from the property chain, enabling them to spend more time finding the right home for them, rather than feeling like they have to compromise on a property because of time pressures.

Some families will rent a property on a short-term contract for this period but find they become tied into the contract and could potentially lose a lot of money if they find their perfect home and move into it quickly.

An alternative is to move into a serviced apartment. Serviced apartments are fully furnished and fully equipped with all the amenities you have at home, with the added advantage that you can house the whole family for around half the price of just one mid-range hotel room. As you have a fully equipped kitchen, you will not only save money on food – staying at a hotel, you will have to eat out for every meal – you will also be better able to eat more healthily.

Another advantage of staying in a serviced apartment whilst you look for a permanent home is that you pay only for the length of time you’re using it. So if you’re expecting to buy a property very quickly, you won’t be forced to pay to get out of a rental contract or end up paying rent and a mortgage for a while.

When some of the family are delayed

If a family has to relocate for work towards the end of the school year, it can be very unsettling for the kids, especially if it’s an exam year for any of them. In these cases, many choose to split the family for a while, with one parent working in the new town and the other in the old town looking after the kids, and they don’t come together again until the school holidays.

In these cases, it is usually the parent in the new town who stays in the serviced apartment, with the family joining them at weekends to explore the area and narrowing down the search for their new home. With the apartment providing everything a home requires, there is no need to buy new furniture or anything for the kitchen, with the consequent problem of needing to dispose of it later.

If you or a family member is relocating to, or out of, North London, our fully furnished serviced apartments will provide everything you need – including a free parking space – for the transition period.

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