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Best gifts and romantic gestures if you’re spending Valentine’s apart

Sometimes it’s inevitable that you’ll have to spend Valentine’s Day away from your partner, which is a shame. However, absence makes the heart grow fonder as they say, and there are many romantic gestures which will show your love in spirit, even when you’re far apart.

Connecting via the heavens above

In the movies, gazing at the night sky is a popular method for lovers to feel connected with each other – if you’re both looking up at the same stars at the same time, it somehow makes you feel closer. So, unless you or your partner have travelled to Australia, pick a time when you know you’ll both be looking up at the moon to give you a chance to think of each other.

Flowers, chocolate, wine and other treats

Long gone are the days when flowers were the only gift you could have delivered to your lover. The internet gives us hundreds of choices of food, drink and gifts so choose what they like best and have it delivered from wherever you are to wherever they are, and imagine their smile when they receive it.

Have a virtual Valentine’s dinner

Just because you’re not in touching distance doesn’t mean you can’t still talk to your partner. If you normally go out for a romantic dinner for two on Valentine’s Day, continue the tradition by eating in whilst using Skype or FaceTime to make it feel as though you’re eating together. It’ll be cheaper too (but obviously that’s not the primary reason to do this)!

Watch the same film at the same time

Maybe your favourite movie is on the telly, or you could both rent the same film and press “play” at the same time so you’re sort of watching it together. You can talk to each other by phone as you watch, which is at least second best to snuggling up on the sofa in front of the TV together.


Whilst love poetry has the potential to be excessively cheesy, there is a famous classic written by John Donne in the 17th century which is perfect for lovers who have to spend time apart. ‘A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning’ is a poem which Donne wrote to his wife before he went away to Europe for a few weeks. In it, he assures her that although they will be physically separated, the bond that ties them together on a spiritual level will never break – therefore, there’s no reason for her to be sad.


Of course, rather than accept that you will be apart for Valentine’s Day, you could surprise your lover with the ultimate romantic gesture: a visit. Impress them by booking a serviced apartment which offers the perfect place for a romantic getaway because it gives you more choices than a hotel would – you can cook them a wonderful meal yourself and keep as much champagne cooling in the fridge as you like.

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