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Serviced apartments for the perfect family holiday

Family holidays are great fun, but they can be expensive, especially if you’re planning to stay in a hotel. Which is why serviced apartments are perfect for a family holiday.

Many families opt to book a serviced apartment for their perfect holiday accommodation, particularly when they’re visiting London. An apartment will nearly halve the cost of two hotel bedrooms, and, with just one exit, you’ll be able to keep an eye on the kids at all times. It also guarantees you’ll always be together – no parents want to find themselves in a situation where their children’s room is in a different part of the hotel to their own. 

The alternative for hotel accommodation is to book a family room. But if your trip is for more than a couple of nights, being together in just one room can get too much. Even for the closest of families! With a two – or even three-bedroomed apartment – for roughly the same price, there’s more quiet space for everyone. Which translates into fewer arguments! 

Taking care of mealtimes

A significant plus point of staying in a serviced apartment on your family holiday is that your food bill doesn’t have to be any higher than it normally is. When you’re staying at a hotel, you have no access to cooking facilities and will therefore be forced to eat out for every meal, which is never a cheap option. 

With a fully equipped kitchen at your disposal, you can also stay in control of what everyone eats. And there’s no temptation to order something unhealthy from the menu every single mealtime or to eat far too much from the breakfast buffet. 

Of course, it doesn’t stop you wanting to treat yourselves to a meal out or get a takeaway delivered – staying in a serviced apartment gives you so many more choices. 

Less luggage

Another big advantage of a serviced apartment is that you will have a washing machine at your disposal. This means you can do the laundry whenever you need to and can therefore cut down on the amount of clothes you’ll need to bring with you. So you’ll either have less to carry or more space in your suitcase for souvenirs! 

So as you can see serviced apartments offer the perfect family holiday accommodation. Your Apartment have a number of apartments in North London, all of which are close to public transport with quick and easy access into Central London. 

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