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Short-term lets in North London

Sometimes you need to move to a different city for a few weeks or months – usually for work. The thought of spending all that time in a hotel is not appealing to most people, and if your time away is less than six months, or you’re not really sure how long you’ll need to be away from home, it simply isn’t practical to rent a flat or house.

The perfect compromise is short-term lets like serviced apartments which will give you the best of both worlds. You’ll get a fully furnished apartment that offers a home away from home, so you can cook your own meals and eat when you please, just like you do at home. You will also have the advantage of having someone servicing the apartment, and being able to check out at a moment’s notice, so you only ever pay for the number of nights you stay.

Saving your business money

If your company is looking for accommodation for staff members in North London, serviced apartments offer great value for money. The majority of our apartments have two bedrooms, and this means that, for the cost of just one mid-range hotel room, you can accommodate double the number of people. They will all have the privacy of their own rooms, with additional communal areas in which they can keep each other company. And if you need to relocate members of staff to North Finchley, we have two apartments with three bedrooms, providing further savings.

The advantages of short-term rentals in London for your staff will be able to cook for themselves, so their expenses will be a lot lower than if they have to eat out all the time, or order room service. And they’ll be in charge of stocking their own fridge so you don’t need to worry about mini-bar bills!

If you’re looking for short-term lets for staff in Watford, Finchley or Elstree, click here to see the apartments we have available, then get in touch for a quote.

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