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Short term serviced apartments and hospital stays

With London being a hub for specialist and private hospitals, we find that our serviced apartments have become a popular choice of accommodation. Relatives and close friends can stay nearby while their loved ones are in hospital. And for patients that don’t live in London to have a quiet space to recover that’s also close to their place of treatment in case of complications.

Visitors find it beneficial to have a private space to return to at night where they can relax and unwind, make meals whenever they need to, and enjoy more than one small bedroom to call home. Many people find it difficult to sleep in busy hotels if there are a lot of people coming and going in the corridor outside their room, and as this will be a time when they’re probably not going to be sleeping well anyway, having an apartment does at least raise the likelihood of getting the best rest possible.

If you need to accommodate more than one person, an apartment means you can all stay together and have a communal room to spend time together as well as separate bedrooms. You will have all the comforts of home including a fully equipped kitchen, enabling you to save money on eating out all the time and eat healthily.

All of our North London serviced apartments are close to a number of private and specialist hospitals in North London including:

Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital Private Care

Just a 15-minute drive from our Elstree serviced apartments or a 20-minute drive from our Watford serviced apartments is the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital. RNOH is a global leader in the field of orthopaedics and provides comprehensive treatments for all aspects of neuro-musculoskeletal health. RNOH Private Care treats patients from all over the world.

Royal Free Hospital

The Royal Free has clinical expertise in liver and kidney transplants, breast surgery, reconstructive surgery, treatment of myeloma and neuroendocrine tumours. Our nearest apartments are based in Finchley, from which it is 30-minute journey on the Underground.

Moorfields Eye Hospital

Moorfields is a world-class centre of excellence for eye health services and ophthalmic care that treats patients from all over the UK. It is partly funded by Moorfields Private Eye Hospital which provides eye treatments, vision correction and cosmetic treatments. Our most convenient apartments are based in Finchley, from which it is 35-minute journey on the Underground.

Highgate Private Hospital

Highgate Private Hospital offers many specialist treatments for a wide range of conditions, including corrective and cosmetic surgery.

Harley Street

Harley Street is world-famous for its private clinics that provide a huge range of treatments, from cosmetic surgery to joint replacements, cancer care to spinal surgery. Our nearest apartments are in Finchley which is a 40-minute tube journey on the Northern Line and Victoria Line.

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