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Need a temporary housing solution during renovations?

Having extensive renovations, or any building works, on your home causes major disruption to your home life. The mess! Utility disruptions! Hidden costs! The builders!!! – The challenges are huge. For many, the best way to weather the storm is to move into temporary accommodation. So that home life can continue as ‘normal’ whilst construction work is underway. Which is why a temporary housing solution during renovations is the fourth emergency service!

After all, you still need to work; children still need to go to school and beloved pets still need a place to put their bed. If you are facing home renovations and your considering options. We’ve rounded up some top ideas to help you make your decision.

These will provide a little help to ensure you are not living in the middle of a building site and can have a restful night’s sleep.

Temporary housing options


Hotels work well for busy professionals who benefit from the restaurant meals, laundry and cleaning services.

Whilst this could be perfect for your temporary living situation if it’s a short stay you are after, hotels rarely make an ideal temporary home.

For families, a lack of space, nowhere for kids or pets to run around and waiting for service is a major cause of stress. The shine of eating-out or room service every day can rapidly diminish. Leaving you yearning for a home cooked meal and chill out time on a nice big sofa in a lounge.

Of course, the major downside of extended stay hotels is the cost. Even the most budget-friendly hotel costs stack up over time, particularly when the additional costs of meals and other services are factored in.

Short term rental apartment

For renovations which are expected to take longer than six months, it makes sense to consider a furnished flat rental. A flat to let on a short term basis for your temporary home is ideal.

The plus side in this type of temporary housing is that you can pretty much live as you would at home. Flat rentals are available in many different sizes so suitable from single to family occupancy. Also, if you need separate rooms (particularly bedrooms) for your family, this is a good option. Landlords starting to accept pets and contracts for as little as six months are negotiable.

The challenge is finding available furnished apartments, for the right term, whilst your home renovation project is underway. Leases are rarely flexible and this could result in a gap between when you need to move out and your home being ready.

Serviced apartment

Serviced apartments are a great alternative to a hotel or flat rental, whether you need short term accommodation or an extended stay.

Whilst often considered as corporate housing, serviced apartments provide an entire home with wifi and all mod cons. There’s plenty of high quality living space for your whole family, with a full kitchen and spacious lounge area. Making them a very cost effective solution.

Like flat rentals, they provide all the comforts of home and are often situated in a prime location, close to local amenities. For the duration of your stay, your apartment is temporarily yours and as such, gives much needed breathing space for your family members.

For major renovations when you are not sure exactly how long they will take, serviced apartments provide a flexible option as providers are usually happy to allow you to extend your stay.

This flexible approach helps to save money and reduces the stress if your extended stay is well, extended.

Stay with friends/family

The least perfect option for an extended stay, is residing with friends or family whilst your major renovation is underway.

As a temporary home, life with friends or family is fraught, particularly if you have a family or are a pet owner. Fitting in to someone else’s family schedule is challenging, space is often restricted and there is often a lack of amenities.

Whilst financially the cheapest option (or even free), it can also be the most stressful, particularly if you end up having an extended stay.

If you are considering this option, talk to your friends and agree some boundaries such as whether you will need to pay; what to expect at meal times; is a bathroom rota possible.

If you need to find a temporary housing solution during your renovations Your Apartments are here. We have luxury, spacious accommodation in the Watford, Elstree or Finchley areas.

Get in touch to discuss short term rentals or temporary housing and we will run you through your options.

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