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The Best Business Accommodation In London

Your Apartment Team knows a thing or two about corporate travel. When you’re on the road so much, you miss quite a few of the comforts and advantages of being at home. After a while, sitting in a small hotel bedroom night after night can feel like a punishment. You’re confined to just one room.

  • The only place to sit is the bed.
  • The only place where you can spread out any work you have to catch up with is the bed.
  • The only food you can eat is room service or from local restaurants, which sounds great until you’ve been doing it for many days. 
  • And what happens if you’re away for a week or more? How do you deal with your dirty laundry? 

Hotel stays are going to cost your company a fortune. It’s not just the cost of the room that needs to be taken into account but also the extra living costs associated with having to eat out all the time. If staff members are away for more than a week, they may end up paying to rent some temporary office space so they can catch up with work in a professional environment. And the greater the additional expenses, the more likely it is that staff will be housed in the cheaper hotels with smaller rooms and fewer facilities, which is not motivating.

The Best Business Accommodation: Serviced Apartments 

It’s not the best-kept secret in the world, but there is a solution to the problem of where to stay when away on business – one that will give your staff more of a home life at the same time as bringing your company’s costs down, especially if there are two or more people needing accommodation.

Serviced apartments combine the flexibility of hotel accommodation with the best bits of home life. Book one, two or more members of staff into one apartment for the cost of just one hotel room, and they will have an entire apartment to live in as they please. Having their own bedrooms will enable them to separate business from rest, and they can work, socialise and watch TV in the living area, and cook their own meals in the kitchen.

Essentially, they will be able to live their lives normally whilst they’re away.

The Advantages of Your Apartment Serviced Apartments

Before setting up Your Apartment, our MD and founder, Danny Sofizade, did a lot of business travelling himself. The idea for the company came from all the things he’d have liked for himself when he was on the road, such as somewhere to get some work done. That’s why every apartment has free WiFi and a dining table.

He also wanted to have more control over his meals, and to be able to make something nice to eat if he’d had a late meeting that didn’t finish until after the hotel’s kitchen had closed. All our apartments have fully equipped kitchens enabling guests to keep food costs down at the same time as being able to eat however they want, and they can keep on top of the washing without having to go in search of a launderette or rely on hotel facilities.

In London, business travellers need to get around the problems of parking and also need access to public transport to make it easier to get to meetings. All our apartments have a free dedicated parking space meaning you don’t have to spend ages looking for somewhere to leave the car or pay huge amounts of money for the privilege! And all are within walking distance of a tube station with easy access into Central London and the City.

That’s why our apartments are so popular with business travellers and businesses alike. They offer a better style of living than hotels for around the same price as a mid-range hotel room. And with the potential to save so much money on living expenses, it makes perfect sense to give it a try. Contact us to book your next stay.


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