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Top luxury car hire 2017

Are you visiting London on business and want to make a really good impression on your clients? Leave the hatchback at home and treat yourself to a luxury car hire. If you’re flying into the capital, you’ll have the pick of the car rental companies at all of the London airports, and there are different car rental organisations near every major London railway station.

We’ve looked at the top ten listings of the car magazines for their recommendations for the best luxury car hire on the market.

Carbuyer and Auto Express magazines

Both Carbuyer and Auto Express had the Jaguar XE at the number one slot on their lists of the best executive cars. Reviewers liked the fact that it looks stylish and expensive and is filled with technology. They say it is a nice car to drive, has low running costs, and rivals the popular BMW 3 series.

What Car?

At the top of the What Car? List is the Audi A4. The reviewer found it hard to fault, with a luxurious interior, good seating and a spacious boot. It comes in 2.0 and 3.0-litre engine with diesel options and delivers a good performance in terms of MPG and C02 emissions.

The Independent

The motoring correspondent of The Independent is firmly behind the BMW 5 series. It’s a spacious, premium luxury car, but with low running costs. If there’s a quibble, it’s about the ride quality, but this is made better by the installation of Variable Damping Control (VDR).

The best supercar

If you really, really want to push the boat out to impress a client, top of Auto Express’s list of supercars is the McLaren 650S. With butterfly wing doors and low seats, you may have to practice getting in and out of it gracefully. And you probably won’t need to use its capacity to do 0-62mph in 3 seconds on the gridlocked streets of London, but you’ll definitely turn heads! There are specialist luxury car hire companies in London that deal with supercars, but you’ll probably be looking at a price tag of over a thousand pounds for the privilege of 24 hours in the McLaren’s company.

A cool car will impress your clients and, as many of our apartments have allocated parking, you’ll always know where it is. On the other hand, if you’re not keen on status symbols or getting stuck in traffic jams, our apartments are all close to mainline or tube stations, as well as bus stops, all with easy access into Central London on public transport. Get in touch today to check availability and book Your Apartment.

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