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Top tips for business travellers

Business travellers around the world are faced with the same problems whether they’re frequent fliers or going on a business trip for the first time. To make things a little easier, we’ve put together our own top tips for business travellers.
Travel light, especially if you’re flying. This means thinking carefully about what clothes you’ll really need to take and make sure everything is coordinated. Black is the obvious colour for the basic wardrobe (suits, shoes etc), with accessories like ties or scarves providing the splashes of colour that’ll brighten things up.
A good way of getting more clothes into a small suitcase is to pack them rolled up instead of folded as this takes less space. It has the additional benefit of them getting less creased, making them easier to iron when you get to your destination.
If you travel frequently, it’s a good idea to have as much prepared and ready to go as possible. Have a toiletries bag stocked with spare chargers as well as travel-sized toiletries and a second toothbrush so you’re always ready to go at short notice, confident in the knowledge that you won’t forget anything.
You’re never off duty
Before you leave on your business trip, do a bit of research on where you’re going to see if there are any opportunities to make sales or network whilst you’re there. If you already have other clients in the area, arrange to have business meetings whilst you’re there, or just take your favourite client to lunch to say thank you. Another idea is to check out the local networking meetings in the area and ask to join one as a guest – it may well end in a lead.
How many times have you got back to the office and had to go through a pile of receipts in order to get your expenses in order? These days there are apps that will help you keep track of things whilst you’re on the move and will create your expense report for you.
Serviced apartments
More and more business travellers are staying in serviced apartments rather than hotels when they have to stay in one place for more than a few days. The advantages for both the traveller and the company are numerous. For the company, serviced apartments will work out a lot cheaper, especially when you take into account the extra expenses that a hotel would cost – the business traveller is more likely to make their own meals in the apartment rather than eating out at restaurants. For the business person, the advantages are space with separate living areas, having a more homely place to stay in, and a fully equipped kitchen to enable them to make good home cooked food.
If you’re travelling to north London on a business trip, save your company money by booking one of our luxury serviced apartments.

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