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Ways of maintaining resilience and well-being on business trips

If you do a lot of travelling on business, the likelihood is that at some point, your hypermobile lifestyle is going to cause problems for you.

Numerous studies have discovered that frequent travel brings with it physiological, psychological and emotional issues, with all the social consequences this brings. The jet lag caused by frequent flying can suppress the immune system, leaving business people more prone to illnesses they’re more exposed to in the recirculated air on planes. Business travellers generally have a poor diet whilst they’re on the road; they tend to eat more pre-prepared food which will have more sugar and salt in than is healthy for them, storing up health problems as a result.

Counteracting the effects of frequent travel

If you are a frequent traveller, there are steps you can take to help maintain your resilience and well-being on business trips.

Exercise as much as you can – if you’re not staying in a hotel with a gym, or if there isn’t a gym in the area you can use, there’s still plenty you can do. Click here for our tips on how to keep fit whilst you’re travelling.

Eating well is also vitally important, not only to your overall health but a good diet will improve your work performance. So make sure you eat lots of fruit and veg throughout the day, preparing and cooking your own meals wherever possible. This is a lot easier to stay on top of if you’re staying in a serviced apartment or apartment hotel than a regular hotel.

Developing resilience

Do mindfulness exercises – there has been a range of psychological studies showing that practising mindfulness can reduce stress, anxiety and depression, boost memory, improve focus and concentration, increase the speed at which we process information, and even improve the immune system!

Other work-based studies have discovered that employees practising mindfulness have greater job performance, they are less likely to suffer from work-related stress, they have improved levels of co-operation and collaboration, and are more likely to be resilient

Take a break – having regular breaks away from your work tasks is a good way of helping your resilience. By detaching yourself from your work, you can reset your energy levels, mental clarity, focus and creativity. In the long-run, this will help prevent burnout.

Don’t be a billy-no-mates – when you’re not at client meetings, it’s tempting to shut the door and relax on your own, but too much time on your own isn’t good for you. If you need to do some work, find a coworking space or a local café rather than locking yourself away in your hotel room or serviced apartment. Keep in touch with your family and friends – even if you’ve only got time for a five-minute phone call or, better, a Skype call or FaceTime, between meetings, will help. And if possible, take someone with you so you’ve got someone to chat to and keep you company when you’re not at your meetings.

Rub your tummy and pat your head at the same time

Seriously! Japanese researchers working with Alzheimer’s patients discovered that when you do ‘bilaterally asymmetrical moves’ – i.e. making each side of the body do different moves at the same time – it not only improves movement and posture, it also aids memory and helps to improve cognition.  

Next time you’re in London on business and would prefer to stay somewhere you can not only cook healthy meals, practice your bilaterally asymmetrical moves without the danger of housekeeping bursting in on you, and with enough space to be able to invite family and friends to join you, click here to check the availability of our luxury North London serviced apartments.

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