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Where to live between house moves?

Imagine you’re moving away from your current area to start a new life in North London. You think you’ve got everything sorted out – you’ve sold your current property and your buyers have got their moving date, you’ve got the children into good schools, and you’ve got a start date for your new job… But all your plans have to be put on hold because there’s a problem with your own house purchase; an unavoidable issue that will delay when you can move into your new property? So the question is where to live between house moves?

What are you doing to do?

You’ve got to start your new job on the date agreed, and the children need to get settled into their new schools. And with your buyer is keen to exchange contracts, you can’t delay your move.

You could to go to a lettings agency and rent a house to tide you over as it’s not going to be a long delay but you don’t want to end up paying three or six months’ rent on a property you’ll only need for a few weeks. And you certainly don’t want to spend huge amounts of money putting the whole family up in a hotel, which will not only be very disruptive to family life, it’ll also cost a lot of money, particularly when you factor in the costs of eating out, laundry bills etc.

The perfect solution

This is where renting a serviced apartment comes in – the ideal solution to your short-term living needs will be to rent a serviced apartment. It’ll give you all the comforts of home life for the same cost as just one mid-range hotel room. You’ll still enjoy the financial flexibility of staying at a hotel because, as soon as you’re ready to move into your new property, you can leave the apartment, only paying for the amount of time you’re there.

This means you can start your new job and the children can start their new schools as planned with as little disruption as possible ensuring an easy transition to your new home.

If you are moving to Watford, Finchley or Elstree and think you might need a backup plan if there’s a delay, bookmark our website,, just in case.

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